The Secret of Music with Sandro Haick

Listening • Singing • Playing

The Secret of Music with Sandro Haick

  • You will make music in only 3 steps – LISTENING, SINGING, and PLAYING.

  • "In 4 hours, you will learn about EVERYTHING that I developed in over 40 years of practice. "

  • NO theory, NO complications, NO names, just the SOUND!

  • For all instrumentalists, singers, and music lovers from beginners to experts!

Sandro Haick

The Secret of Music by Sandro Haick
In this workshop, filmed live in the theatre of the School of Music and Technology in São Paulo, Brazil, you will learn everything that I have developed in over 40 years of music, without theory, names, or complications, only the sound! I show you how 3 simple steps are enough – LISTENING, SINGING, and PLAYING!

For all musicians, instruments, from beginner to advanced singers, songwriters, and composers!

In this workshop, I present you with an innovative method of study, which I have myself personally developed and tested in order to simplify and unleash your musical practice. Most importantly, my motivational presentation connects music making and a life of music with themes such as: ANXIETY CONTROL, FEAR, GOALS, DETACHMENT, MISSION, FAITH, HUMILITY and GENEROSITY. I also engage musical themes like: INTUITION, COMPOSITION, IMPROVISATION and FREEDOM, freeing yourself from all rules and limitations, HARMONY, CHORDS, RHYTHM, and MUSICAL PERCEPTION, in addition to various TIPS that I have learned throughout my career!

I am certain that, by the end of this workshop, you will feel transformed, empowered, motivated to play for pleasure and to be happy playing. I will help you achieve this fundamental transformation that will enable you to reach and move people with your music, and harvest the fruits of your own musical truth.

It’s all about the law of CAUSE and EFFECT, ACTION and REACTION!

Raise your music to the next level!

You can count on my support in this journey!

Emoções atraem o visitante e são importante para o sucesso. Soluções modernas, interessantes elementos, abordagem única para detalhes tornam este modelo reconhecível e interessante. Projeto você não parecerá um modelo comprado em uma loja e adaptado dentro de duas horas. Ah, não! Este não é o seu caso. Você obter o produto final qualitativo, fascinante e suculento que é moderno e real. Qualitativo e flexível código coloca na base deste grande produto.


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The Secret of The Music Song

Testimonial Mozart Mello


“Today I was able to watch the second part of the workshop with tranquility, and received an ‘avalanche’ of new concepts to study, and themes that I believed that I had already ‘dominated’. I feel excellent with this sensation of starting afresh from ‘ground zero’ after so many years of study!!! Thank you, Sandro Haick!”

Cleber Assumpção

“With Haick’s The Secret of Music I’ve lost the fear of ‘sophisticated’ chords which many people spoke about as if they were inaccessible. I am studying LISTENING, SINGING, and PLAYING, and searching the reproduction of melodies with the first chords, but I have already realized how it works for every key and chord. New Life! Gratitude indeed!”

Adelson Moreira

“I’ve just finished watching Sandro’s videos, giving it a general overview… I am betting that this material will help me overcome countless difficulties that I have… For now, let me introduce myself: I am an amateur musician, and I’m 67 years old. I started playing the transverse flute and saxophones when I was well over 40 years old. In particular, I was attracted by the idea of breaking with or attenuating the barriers between the abstract internal sound, that which we imagine, and its concrete, external expression – the question of the creative and rational sides... This is worth the effort, and so much so, Sandro Haick!!! Hugs!!!"

João Hanai

Special Bonus

Our Exclusive DRUMMING instructional video.

I have prepared a very special bonus for you! In this instructional video about drumming, my close friend, the incredible Brazilian drummer Giba Favery interviews me. Our conversation and the many examples are designed for improving your knowledge of rhythm, that is fundamental for all instruments, and not just drummers.




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